Help double the number of Green Councillors in Oxford.

Help double the number of Green Councillors in Oxford.

Right now, we’re planning our election operation for May 2024, and we’ve got ambitions to run the biggest, most high profile campaign yet. There’s a real chance that the number of Greens on the council could DOUBLE in next year’s elections.

But to do this, we need your help. We need to raise £100 a month to make this happen.

Unlike the other parties, the Greens don’t have the backing of billionaires or big business. We are people-powered and so rely on the kind and generous support of ordinary people like you.

By donating just £5 a month, you’ll be part of a powerful campaign. You will help:

  • Ensure that seven target wards will receive a regular newsletter packed with information about what our councillors and candidates are doing throughout 2023.
  • Get the Green Party’s successes publicised to thousands of residents across Oxford in the local media.
  • Provide the training and resources needed to equip a wave of Green activists with the skills they need to knock on doors, have persuasive conversations with voters and spread the Green message.

It is better to set up a direct debit donation, as we receive all your donation. Credit card charges are higher.

Or for other amounts or one-off donations: