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Oxfordshire Green Party
Facebook @oxfordgreenparty
Twitter @greenoxford
Oxfordshire Green Party Officers
Chair Barry Wheatley [email protected]  
Treasurer Barry Wheatley [email protected]  
Secretary Mary Franklin [email protected]  
Elections Co-ordinator David Newman (Book meeting) [email protected] 01865 429750
Volunteers Co-ordinator Sarah Wood [email protected]  
Members Secretary Sue Tibbles    
Trade Union Liaison Officer Stephen Hurt [email protected]  
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer      
Young Greens Officer Kelsey Trevett [email protected]  
Safeguarding Officer Chair [email protected]  
Press Officer      
Key Organisers
    [email protected]  
Elections Co-ordinator (officer, p/t worker) David Newman (Book meeting) [email protected] 01865 429750
Website content      
Campaigns lead      
Media contact - Oxford City Council Chris Jarvis [email protected]  
Media Contacts - Oxfordshire   [email protected]  
Social Media Manager      
Fundraising Working Group Tim Eden    
Elections Committee
Chair Barry Wheatley [email protected]  
  Elise Benjamin    
  David Newman [email protected] 01865 429750
  Ben Fleetwood    
  Chris Jarvis    
  Jo Robb    
North Oxfordshire Branch
Chair Julia Middleton [email protected]  
Treasurer Karl Kwiatkowski [email protected]  
Twitter @NorthOxonGreens
West Oxfordshire branch
Co-Chair Barry Wheatley [email protected]  
Co-Chair Frances Mortimer [email protected]  
Treasurer Tim Eden [email protected]  
Membership secretary Celia Kerslake [email protected]  
Campaign Agent Sandra Simpson    
Web site
Twitter @westoxongreens
Abingdon branch
Chair Halima Brewer [email protected]   
Treasurer Julie Scott [email protected]  
Secretary TBC    
Twitter @abingdongreens
Email [email protected]
Oxford City branch
Chair David Thomas [email protected]  
Treasurer Colin Aldridge
Secretary Sarah Edwards [email protected]  
Diversity adviser      
Student/Young Green Liaison Kelsey Trevett k[email protected]  
South Oxfordshire and Vale Greens
Contact Katherine Foxhall [email protected]  

Wantage Group

    [email protected]  
Twitter @WantageGreens
Young Greens
Twitter @YoungGreenParty
SE Young Greens contact:   [email protected]  
Oxford Young Greens
Oxford University Student Greens   [email protected]  
Oxford Brookes Student Greens Chris Jarvis [email protected]  

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