Cherwell 2024 Elections

Cherwell 2024 Elections

Get More Greens Elected

This year we really need to build upon our recent successes, WE WOULD REALLY LIKE YOU TO BE PART OF OUR SUCCESS! 
You can do so either by helping us with our campaigns or just by contributing even just a small amount to help get more Green Councillors elected. 
Here in Cherwell we rely entirely on the work of our local volunteers and your donations to run election campaigns.

Can you help us get more Green Councillors elected by donating to our campaign funds?

Unlike other parties we do not receive funds from large corporations, non-doms, trade unions or other major groups or organisations. Most of our donations come from local individuals and small local businesses who care about Cherwell.

We need your donations!
They are our only source of income.

Donate to West Oxon Greens

Between now and 2nd May we will be campaigning to get more Greens elected to Cherwell District Council and preparing to fight a General Election.  If we have the funds we would also like to support as members who wish to stand for seats on any of the 11 town and parish councils that are also up for election in May.

Help change the balance of power in Cherwell to make a greener future by donating whatever you can afford on a monthly basis, or if you prefer, you can make a single donation - every pound takes us a small step closer to another election win.

In these difficult financial times we realise that not everyone can afford to donate to a local political party, and that the Green Party at a National and Regional level are regularly seeking more donations, but we get none of the funds they raise, so if you can help us fight for seats in Cherwell, please donate generously.

If you would like to help in other ways, such as helping to create or check content for our media (words, photos or videos), or by volunteering to help with stuffing of envelopes or the delivery of leaflets, please contact [email protected].

We need your help and support to be able to fight for a greener future.



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Contributions are not tax deductible.

You can only donate £500 or more if you are a permissible donor. A permissible donor is:

  1. An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
  2. Most UK-registered companies.
  3. A Great Britain registered political party.
  4. A UK-registered trade union, building society, or friendly society.
  5. A UK-registered LLP or unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.

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