South and Vale Winter Bookclub


What ideas lie behind modern green politics?
How do climate, politics, economies and societies interact?
Where do we even start to tackle it all?!

Join us for the South and Vale Winter Book Club!

Over the next six months, we'll dip our toes in to some of the big ideas and bestsellers of the modern green movement. Definitely no prior knowledge required - just grab a cup of tea, curl up with a banket, and join in!

Each month we'll have a recommended read, as well as some alternative suggestions. For many of us, these will be new ideas - our hope is that this will be a welcoming space to ask the basic questions!

No need to RSVP, just login to any or all of the meetings and join the conversation.

We've tried to ensure each book is widely available second-hand or as a cheap paperback. There's no pressure to invest in a whole new set of books - there'll always be a free to access version, format or suggestions around the theme.

Members of South and Vale Green Party will automatically receive Zoom meeting details by email - if you'd like to join us please get in touch [email protected].

Book List

Monday 22 November
7.30pm via Zoom
(details TBC)
Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate (2016)or On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal (2020).
If you don't have time or access to the books, Klein gives a great lecture on This Changes Everything (start at 5:35) 

Jason Hickel, Less is More: How Degrowth will Save the World (2021)
See also some of Jason Hickel's essays and a lecture on "Economics in an Age of Climate Breakdown"

Guy Standing, Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now (2020)
Alternative read - Annie Lowery, Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income would end Poverty, Revolutionize Work and Remake the World (2018) 

Vanessa Nakate, A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis (2021)

March... and onwards? - TBC by popular choice!


Previous Sessions

18 October
7.30pm via Zoom
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring (first publ. 1962)
We're starting with a book that is often credited with launching the modern environmental movement; Rachel Carson's Silent Spring sounded the ecological alarm over the effect of chemicals on the natural world nearly sixty years ago. 

If you don't have access to a copy, Silent Spring is freely available as an audiobook on Youtube.


November 22, 2021 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
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