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  • Sunday, July 10, 2022 at 01:45 PM · 9 rsvps
    Oxford in Oxford, United Kingdom

    Making an impact

    In Oxfordshire the Green Party is making an impact. How can we build on that over the next two years?

    In the last 4 years we have grown from 2 councillors in one council to 18 councillors in 6 councils. Our councillors on 3 councils are setting policy as part of the administration. We are taking the lead on the climate emergency. Elsewhere we are challenging complacent one party states. This comes thanks to the efforts of ou 1250 members, 1100 volunteers and 450 donors.

    Members, please come to this workshop to work out what we can do to built on our successes over the next two years. What should our priorities be? What should we achieve? How can we make an impact?

    You will hear brief about our successes in winning elections, what our councillors have achieved, spreading our message and building the party then in small groups list what we want to do from now until 2024. It is a time to come together and think about the next steps.


    13:45 Welcome, introductions.
    14:00 Didn't we do well!
    Short talks on our achievements.
    14:20 Chat in small groups
    What should we start or stop doing next year?
    14:35 Tea break
    14:50 Events and challenges
    What will happen in the next two years? Opportunities and threats.
    15:00 What should we do?
    Split into small planning groups to list goals and how to get there.
    1. Winning elections
    2. Councillor and campaigns policy impact
    3. Building the party, engaging volunteers
    15:40 Group reports
    16:00 I will help, can you?
    Volunteers offer to work on developing some of the ideas.

    Please RSVP below. This is an event only for Green Party members.

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