Oxfordshire is a multi-cultural County. We should be proud of this and tolerant of its many and varied communities. Our society is all the richer for it. We should be welcoming migrants and celebrating diversity.

When politician attack immigrants they are talking about our friends and colleagues, our family members and us.  In Oxford, one in every three people were born overseas.

It is disappointing that Labour, Tories and the LibDems choose to run scared of UKIP rather than standing up to their divisive migrant-bashing.

It is not migrants that caused the latest economic crisis but politicians and bankers trying to make a quick buck. Only the Greens are resisting this shameful scapegoating of immigrants. 

We stand together: regardless of gender, race, faith, sexuality, age or ability. 

Greens stand for:

  • A fairer migration system
  • Opposing racism and intolerance
  • An economy that delivers for the common good

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