What should Oxford look like in 2050?

Oxford City Council has launched a consultation asking residents, "What should Oxford look like in 2050?"

Driverless cars, robots in the home, 24-hour flexible working and augmented high streets. Oxford could look very different in the future, and now Oxford City Council is leading a consultation to find out how Oxford residents and businesses want to see their city in 2050.  The consultation is here: www.oxford2050.com

In response to this consultation, Green Group leader Cllr David Thomas says, "The future starts now and the City Council have proven spectacularly bad at putting in place policies which are anything other than short term. Take, for example, air quality which is deteriorating as a direct result of poor planning. Or our dire housing shortage due to years of under investment. Yes, let’s think about a positive vision for 2050 - but this must start with the honest recognition by the Council that what they are doing now is - in many instances - making things worse.”
FMI: Cllr David Thomas 07792 527421

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