Updated Oxford Living Wage should be same as London

The Greens have again expressed disappointment at the decision by Oxford City Council to set the Oxford Living Wage at a rate lower than the recently announced London Living Wage. 
The Greens have long campaigned for the OLW to be 100% of the London's - rather than 5% lower (the same as in previous years). 
Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "there are two very good reasons for setting the Oxford Living Wage at the London level. Firstly, we have the least affordable housing in the Country and higher travel costs than London.  Secondly, and this is often overlooked, the Oxford Living Wage only applies from April 2021. By then we will be half way towards the announcement of the next London Living Wage inflationary increase." 
9th November 2020
Cllr Dick Wolff 07968 486854

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