Tom Beckett

Tom Beckett for Cherwell District and Bicester Town Council

Tom is standing in Bicester East, for Cherwell District and Bicester Town Council as he believes we could do better.   The Greens were second to the conservatives in Bicester East in the 2022 Cherwell District elections, making this a target seat for Oxford North Green Party. The Liberal Democrats are also kindly standing down and supporting Tom's campaign.

In winning Tom also has a chance of helping topple a Conservative-run Cherwell District and Bicester Town Council, bringing hope for change.  

Please support Tom's campaign in the following ways:

1. Join an action day - A list of which can be found below - email Tom at [email protected] if you can help.

2. Donate to Tom's campaign - we need £350 to print the last set of leaflets and material to help with our canvassing efforts which have followed already two leaflets - click here to donate to his campaign.

Tom's Pledges to the Electorate

I am standing to make a better Bicester. I promise to represent the community in pushing for the following.

Proper planning
The Cherwell and Town Council needs to stop pandering to developers and big commercial enterprises like Bicester Village, and plan Bicester properly, with people in mind.  I’m standing to push for a proper town plan.

Better infrastructure
Development keeps popping up, without thought of how to improve areas for existing communities.  I will push for planned development and commercial enterprise to improve our roads, public transport, pedestrian and cycle routes, schools, community facilities and our centre.

Community initiatives
The people of Bicester are amazing but they need support.  I will push for initiatives that bring community together in activities which tackle issues such as loneliness, mental illness, autism and children being outdoors. 

Wildlife-rich green spaces
Our town deserves to be buzzing with inspirational nature, and we should be able to walk and cycle through amazing green spaces without litter.  I will push for all our green spaces to be enhanced and preserved, and for our community bins to be emptied.

Local enterprise
We must inspire local people to create enterprises.  I am an entrepreneur who has started 3 businesses that employ 50 people.  I want to see people locally get their ideas supported, and will therefore push for business incubation centres and favourable business rates for local businesses.

Join Tom's campaign to get elected

We have 10 people committed to Tom's campaign, but we need to canvass 1,500, need to hand deliver postal vote letters, and leafet 3,500 households before the elections, on top of a small get-out-the-vote campaign.

Please help at the following times:

Saturday 15th April - 10am -1pm (canvassing)

Monday 17th April - from 4:30pm (canvassing)

Saturday 22nd April - 10am-2pm (leafletting/canvassing)

All week evenings 1st May (get out the vote)

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