Thank you for your help!

Your county party co-chairs, Cheryl and Chris, would like to thank everyone who worked so hard for these recent elections. Any help you have been able to give has been much appreciated. Dick Woolf has kept his seat in the Oxford City Council for his ward in St Mary's, keeping a strong Green voice in the city. Other successes have included a very respectable second place for Ian Middleton in Kidlington East (Cherwell District Council) which provides a strong basis for future campaigning there.

Even in those wards where we were unable to do much more than stand a candidate, it is hard to overstate the value of the 'We're here and we're here to stay' message given by the Green Party name and logo on so many ballot papers. Chris was at the count for Cherwell, and if the respectable numbers of votes in those wards where little campaigning was possible are anything to go by, that suggests a good level of support for the Green Party across the county.

Nationally, the Green Party now has 174 seats in 67 councils, including three entirely new ones, giving Green people a political voice right across the country.

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