Protecting the status of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in other EU countries

Background: In the House of Commons there is an Early Day Motion (EDM 259) on safeguarding the status of both UK citizens resident in other EU countries and citizens of other EU countries resident in the UK. To date (25.8.2016) it has 41 cross-party signatures from seven parties (Labour, SNP, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, SDLP, Green, Plaid Cymru) plus two independents. A large number of signatures on this EDM will support the second reading of ‘EU Citizens Right to Stay Bill’ (see below).

Check whether your MP has signed it at:

If your MP has signed EDM 259 -
• Thank them and move on to key issue 2 below.

If your MP has not signed EDM 259, tell them why you think it is important - for example:
• Where people are settled in a country, their job is that country, they have friends and/or relatives in that country, they may have children in school, expelling them would be cruel.
• All EU citizens living in another EU country urgently need reassurance of their status.
• They should not be relegated to ‘bargaining chips’ in any future negotiations.

If your MP has not signed EDM 259, ask them - for example:
• As an initial sign of goodwill, please can you tell me if you will be signing EDM 259 in support of safeguarding the status of both UK citizens resident in other EU countries and citizens of other EU countries resident in the UK?
The ‘EU Citizens Right to Stay Bill 2016’
Background: The ‘EU Citizens Right to Stay Bill 2016’ is tabled for a second reading in the House of Commons on 21 October 2016. As a private members Bill it is unlikely to be given much parliamentary time for debate or get passed to Committee unless there is strong cross-party support for it. If there are a large number of cross-party signatures on EDM 259 this will contribute to the Bill’s chances of entering the parliamentary process and the possibility of it being made law.

Tell your MP why you think this Bill is important - for example:
• If the UK Parliament can set a precedent in allowing citizens from other EU countries living here to stay, this removes them from any future bargaining position and in turn offers reassurance to UK citizens living in other EU countries.
• Given the cuts to training medical staff, particularly to training nurses, the health and social care services need staff from EU (and non-EU) countries in order to function.
• Also the running down of the NHS as a prelude to increasing privatisation has resulted in staff shortages with the knock on effect of some nurses and doctors leaving to work abroad because of the deteriorating working conditions.

Ask your MP - for example:
• Please let me know whether you will be supporting the ‘EU Citizens Right to Stay Bill’ when it receives its second reading on 21 October?
MPs will not answer emails unless you include your full postal address.
Letters sent by post might be taken more seriously.
You can get your MP’s email address at:
If you write to your MP via the email format is pre-set and after two weeks they will ask you to let them know if your MP has replied.
The House of Commons postal address is:
The House of Commons

It is important that letters/e-mails are individualised in terms of wording and content priorities. Include questions on what your MP is going to do reduce their options for reiterating party opinion

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