Pavements without public spending?

A survey of local small businesses in the Cowley Road by Green Party Councillors has established that the poor state of the pavements is of major concern to them.

Councillors for St Mary’s ward Craig Simmons and Dick Woolf are expressing concern about the condition of pavements, roads and road markings. These matters are also of concern to Dr Hazel Dawe (Green Party candidate for St Clements) and Steve Dawe (Green Party candidate for Iffley Fields). Dr Hazel Dawe comments:

“Well maintained, safe pavements are essential to encouraging more people to walk and to visit shops and other businesses on the Cowley Road. This helps maintain our diverse local economy in this area. Green Party campaigners recognise that this is only one part of the street scene problem with deteriorating road and road marking quality thanks to misguided public spending cuts.

“Walking because of safer pavements also helps reduce road traffic, as does cycling. This improves air quality and the experience of walking which makes it more pleasant environment and, in turn attracts more pedestrians. This virtuous circle is of benefit to residents and local businesses and repairing pavements is not excessively expensive. But we cannot expect all road users to just tolerate the very poor condition of the Cowley Road and its declining road markings which matter to both vehicle users and cyclists. Our local economy depends upon good infrastructure funded by a sensible range of taxes taking most from the highest paid groups."

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