Parliamentary debate on referendum petition 131215 on 5 September 2016

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1. Parliamentary Debate on Referendum Petition 131215 on 5 September 2016
Background: A parliamentary petition on the referendum has collected over 4,140,000 signatures! see and has been given a parliamentary debate to be held in Westminster Hall at the House of Commons on 5 September at 4.30pm. For those who cannot attend in person it should be viewable on The petition requested the Government “to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum”. The law cannot be changed retrospectively, but the debate is an opportunity for MPs to raise questions about the referendum campaigns; about the fierce divisions it has created, the hate crimes it has unleashed, and the anger of the disaffected it has laid bare after 30 years of closing manufacturing industries, privatising public services, reduced availability of permanent jobs and austerity policies imposed on the people who can least afford them. The UK has the largest wealth gap of EU countries and, along with Ireland, has the steepest rise in food insecurity since the 2008 crash. This is not the EU’s fault. It has been persistently scapegoated since the Maastricht Treaty by those who want banks and businesses to be free of EU regulation.

Ask your MP:
Will you be attending the debate on petition 131215 on 5 September? Tell your MP why you think this is important!
for example:
The closeness of the vote and the divisions the referendum has created, require that all aspects of campaigns, the vote, and its consequences need to be thoroughly examined.
The Conservative ‘eurosceptic’ deregulation agenda needs to be fully exposed. It needs to be asked who will benefit from dispensing with EU regulations.
The deregulation agenda needs to be compared with the focus of the ‘Leave’ campaign, which held immigration responsible for the social impact of successive UK government policies.
The anger and despondency of the people who voted ‘Leave’ as a means to protest their situation needs to be fully acknowledged and addressed by means of massive investment in jobs, training, house building and public services.
Ask your MP:
Are you in favour of legislating to set a threshold of (say 70%) support based on the population eligible to vote rather that the actual vote in order for the referendum to be acted on?
Would you be prepared to sponsor an Early Day Motion supporting such a threshold?
Would you be prepared to sponsor an Early Day Motion in support renewed investment in industry, jobs, training, house building and public services?
your address

your MPs name & address if a postal letter)

Dear - your MPs name
I am writing to raise my one/two/three etc concerns about the referendum ...
I am writing to ask for your position on one/two/three/etc issues linked to the referendum ...
Firstly, ... / My first concern is ... / First, and most importantly ... /
I would like to know whether ... ?/ Will you support ... ?/ etc etc
Secondly, .../ etc etc

I look forward to your answers to my questions,

Yours sincerely,
your name

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