Oxfordshire’s Greens welcome refugees

Oxfordshire’s Greens welcome refugees

Green Party activists from around the county were out in force to support the nearly 2000 strong demonstration in Oxford to welcome refugees. The numbers were particularly impressive in view of the short notice, just a little over a week.

Former Oxfordshire Green Party chair, Sushila Dhall, who works for Refugee Resource, was one fo the speakers to address the crowd. She urged people to give practical support to Refugee Resource and Asylum Welcome, two local charities which help refugees, and asked for donations where people were unable to offer concrete assistance.

A small contingent from Oxford Sea Green Singers, alo arranged in haste, lead the crowd in singing a song about refugees ‘We want Rosa to stay’ to conclude the demonstration.

However, a core of demonstrators had other ideas. They marched through the City centre to Bonn Square where former refugees led the chanting.

A truly impressive and heart warming Oxford event.

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