Oxford scores well on air pollution

Steve Dawe, Oxfordshire Green Party's Press Officer, notes how research by the GMB union confirms that nitrogen dioxide pollution is bad in central Oxford, unlike other areas of the County:

"Central Oxford is one of 18 areas in the UK where nitrogen dioxide pollution is above safe levels. Oxford's coach users should note that the London Hillingdon figure is even higher than central Oxford: Hillingdon is a familiar stopping point for X90 and Tube coach users to and from London.

"These figures indicate, once again, that the transport consequences of rising population and more housing in Oxfordshire will be more air pollution damaging human health. Up to 30,000 people die as a result of air pollution each year and we have yet to see adequate steps taken to deal with this major cause of premature death. As the British Medical Association has suggested, accessibility should be favoured over mobility. This includes making teleworking easier and more common."

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, says:

"Residents of Oxford will rightly be appalled to know that they live in one of the worst cities in the country when it comes to air pollution, with some areas breaching EU legal limits. But it is hardly surprising given the Government's spectacular failure to take action on air quality, whilst simultaneously attempting to water down regulation at EU level.

"The Government must radically change its approach before even more lives are lost. We need proper inspection and monitoring in place at the national level, and the Government should be investing in public transport."

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