Nothing in Labour's County Manifesto on Climate Change

Greens standing across the County have expressed disappointment and concern that the Labour Party's County Council Manifesto contains no mention of climate change! 

Says Green County Candidate Chris Jarvis, "The County Council has declared a climate and ecological emergency yet action on climate change is sadly lacking from Labour's manifesto."

The Labour also misleads when it claims that the Greens voted against 'apprenticeships for young people'. The Green Councillor voted FOR Labour's amendment to the Tory budget. Labour went on to vote WITH the Tories on the substantive budget. It is this joint Labour/Tory budget that the Green voted against because it did not take advantage of the Council Tax increase permitted by Government to pay for Social Care thereby depriving social care of £8m.

Also, it says that the Greens did not put forward a budget amendment. They should know that it needs two Councillors to propose a budget amendment - a good reason to get more Greens elected. 

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