National Homelessness Property Fund receives further £5.2m investment

A Green Party idea pays off as more investment leveraged into homelessness property fund. 
An idea that originated with the former Green Chair of the City's Finance Panel, Cllr Craig Simmons, is paying off for those in housing need. 
Says Green Cllr Craig Simmons, "When I first suggested re-directing the Council's investments into homelessness accommodation (initially the Real Lettings Property Fund), I never dreamed that the idea would gain the traction it has. This was money that would otherwise have been sitting in the bank, or invested in government bonds, earning minimal interest. Now it is doing good AND earning better returns for the taxpayer. In this age of austerity, we need to make every penny work for the people of Oxford and this is a great example of what can be done when a more enterprising approach to Council finances is adopted."
FMI: 0773 980 3047 Cllr Craig Simmons

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