Building the local economy

Greens want to help build a stronger local economy to work in the interests of our communities, not those of big corporations. We need a thriving mix of shops, offices and cafes - not a bland copy of all the national chain stores. We support local businesses who keep profits flowing in the community and are more likely to understand the concerns of their neighbours.

Supermarkets control a whopping 97% of the grocery market yet put very little back into the local economy. Meanwhile, social enterprises such as the recently closed People’s Supermarket on the Cowley Road are being charged extortionate business rates, despite the enormous contribution they make to the local community.

The Greens have convinced the City Council to apply to Government for the power to charge a ‘supermarket levy’ on big retailers. Cllr Dick Wolff, who first proposed the idea to the Council, said:

The Levy would generate at least £500,000 which we would use to support local businesses and social enterprises to provide local jobs.

Greens are working to support key employers in our city – including opposing cuts to jobs in education and health – and encouraging more employers to guarantee a Living Wage. Currently, the Greens are continuing to challenge the Council’s mismanagement of the Covered Market and their recent decision to cut rate relief support for small businesses.


Read more about what the Oxford Green Party are saying on Housing, Public services, and Migrant Rights or read our manifesto.

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