Labour draft in Corbyn in attempt to unseat Green Group leader

Oxford Labour used the opportunity presented by Jeremy Corbyn's visit this week to take him and his supporters out canvassing in St. Mary's Ward, East Oxford - the seat currently held by Green Group leader, Craig Simmons.

Cllr Simmons Chairs the Council's Scrutiny Committee and the Finance Panel - roles in which he has received cross-party support. A former deputy Lord Mayor, he is one of Oxford's most progressive, experienced (17 years) and hard-working Councillors - being one of the few with a 100% attendance record.

Says Cllr Craig Simmons: "I am very flattered. But I don't think his flying visit will make much difference. This is a City Council election - people are considering who they want to represent them on the local Council for the next four years. I work with residents year round - the only time other parties put in an appearance is close to election time."

Simmons added: "Clearly there is some common ground between Mr. Corbyn's long-held personal views and Green Party policy. I wish him well in his efforts to transform the Labour Party."

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