Janet Hall, Green Party candidate for Rose Hill & Iffley

JanetHall_300x216.jpgI have been living in East Oxford for 36 years and been a Green Party supporter for as long. I trained as a teacher and have worked for Oxfordshire Mind for many years. The Green Party's policies to stop climate change and fight for public services are my priorities.

I am very concerned about the critical situation of the NHS and Social Care. This makes me especially pleased that the National Health Action Party (NHAP) has endorsed me. Our two parties are the only ones in England opposing privatisation in all its forms and demanding proper funding. In Oxford, like most of the country, we have too few GPs, Hospital doctors, Nurses, hospital beds and trained Care workers and the situation is getting worse..

I am glad that Jeremy Corbyn supports Green MP, Caroline Lucas' Bill to reinstate the NHS and the Junior Doctors' struggle. However it is disappointing that the Labour Party 'establishment' (MPs, Councillors and party officials) is not with him.

Oxford needs more Councillors who work for Council Housing, a minimum wage you can live on, and for good public education. I would like to join them to work for Rose Hill and Iffley.

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