Ian Middleton, Green Party Candidate for Kidlington East

Ian Middleton, Green Party Candidate for Kidlington East


I'm an ethical entrepreneur and political writer who has lived in Oxfordshire for 24 years. Since joining the Green Party I've campaigned on public services, education, housing, social care, and the destruction of our NHS.

My main priorities are:

*To see our NHS and social care services fully resourced and funded, with all staff paid fairly for the incredible job they do. No further service cuts under the guise of ‘sustainability’ and the full reinstatement of consultant led maternity care at the Horton, together with a halt to plans to further downgrade services there.

*Genuinely affordable housing for people on average incomes. More social and council housing. Rent controls on private landlords and an end to unfair developer lease & ground rent charges. No development on Green Belt land.

*An education system that provides opportunity to everyone. Schools that cater for all levels of ability and aspiration. The chance for everyone who wants to move on to further and higher education to do so without saddling themselves with a lifetime of debt.

*An end to the culture of austerity and public service cuts. We’re one of the richest nations in the world, with everyone paying their fair share we should be able to care for and protect all our citizens.

I'm deeply concerned about the Prime Minister's ability to negotiate a positive future for our country outside the EU. We need the chance to approve or reject whatever Brexit deal is eventually negotiated before we leave.

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  • Steve Gerrish
    commented 2021-05-03 18:35:53 +0100
    Is this page out of date? Fiona Mawson is standing in Kidlington East on Thursday. If I am right, please take it down.
  • George Bashir
    commented 2019-04-20 20:39:48 +0100
    Thank you Ian for taking the time to stop and talk to us about the real issues of our local environment on a very hot saturday afternoon when most of us were sat in pub gardens or having BBQs ,A genuine bloke who really cares about our future of our village & environment ,You gave me confidents again .