How to add your ideas

What do you think should happen to make our vision for Oxfordshire come true by 2025? We need your ideas.

We are collecting your priorities on our Vision for Oxfordshire ideas site. Read more to find out how to use it.

If you would like to join our policy hub - to work on implementing local policies for Oxfordshire - please contact Kerstin Fischer-Johnston

You can help us with your ideas on how to bring about the needed change. What could councils, communities and organisations do in Oxfordshire to solve the problems with our energy, housing, health, food, farming and so on?

We have set up a site to collect your ideas.

Your priorities: Vision for Oxfordshire

It is running on the Your Priorities software developed by the Community Foundation in Iceland. To post things to it you need to log in using either your email address with a password or your Facebook account (and click Close to get rid of the white panel for starting your own community platform!).

When you go there you will see a list of policy areas, listing situations we need to improve. Click on one to read about it and think of a way we could make things better.

Once you have an idea, click on Add new idea and type it in. You can also upload an image, a video or an audio recording. If it applies to a particular part of Oxfordshire, add a location. Then save it.

Later you can come back to the ideas you and others have added. On each idea, you can add points for and points again. There is no discussion - just a list of points giving evidence on why a particular idea is better or worse. Our aim eventually is to gather expertise to turn the ideas into policies.

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