Greens welcome electric car initiative

After years of lobbying by the Greens, the City and the County are now trying an innovative scheme which has been used effectively in Europe using local lamp posts as the charging points. This will open up electric cars to many more potential users. Cllr David Williams, who drives an all electric Nissan Leaf, says the new scheme will overcome the major barrier of people who park their car on the road not being able to trail a an electrical connection from their home to the car across a pavement. Domestic charging at the moment is limited to those with a driveway in front of their home.

David Williams says:

"Not only do electric cars have no carbon emissions they are very cheap to run. The cost to me is around 1p per mile and at many of the charging points a full charge is free. This compares with 5p a mile that my old BMW cost to run. There are lots of saving on insurance, road tax and not paying the London congestion charges. This is an initiative that is a real breakthrough and we should expect to see more people taking up the option of an electric vehicle."

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