Greens welcome Citizens Assembly on Climate Change

Oxford City Council gets enthusiastically behind Green Party Climate Emergency motion to become first Council to announce a 'Citizen's Assembly' on climate change. 

Yesterday, Oxford City Council announced that it will honour a Green Party motion (proposed by Green Cllr Craig Simmons and seconded by Green Cllr Dick Wolff) passed by Council on 28th January 2019 and establish a Citizens Assembly on the climate emergency. 
Says Cllr Craig Simmons,
"Getting citizens on-board is an important part of tackling the climate crisis. However, it is only one element of a comprehensive plan to address the climate emergency. The Council needs to look long and hard at its own decision-making and set a good example, At the moment, it isn't."
The Greens had previously criticised the City Council for investing more than £5 million in car park expansion and its failure to insist on zero carbon housing in its new local plan.

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