Greens call for support for Calais refugees

Oxford’s Green Councillors raised deep concerns at this weeks meeting of Oxford City Council about the French Government's decision to dismantle the Calais Refugee Camp.

Cllr David Thomas, Deputy leader of Oxford Greens, who has been volunteering in the camp over recent weeks says: "Last time the French Riot Police tried to dismantle the camp it was a violent and brutal affair.  This time hundreds of unaccompanied children in the camp will be subjected to tear gas and rubber bullets with nowhere to run.  It disgusts me that the British tax-payer is footing the bill for the eviction whilst Theresa May refuses to allow children in the camp to be reunited with their UK-based families".

Cllr Thomas has written to Theresa May asking her to use what influence the UK has to stop the eviction and help more refugee children reach the UK but is not hopeful of a positive response.

Says Cllr Thomas, “I have seen with my own eyes the suffering of refugees at Calais. The UK Government has a responsibility, along with its European neighbours, to help and support refugees – not brutalise them. I would urge local people to consider volunteering as a Humanitarian Monitor to observe the now inevitable break-up of the camp in an effort to reduce the risk of violence and human rights abuses being inflicted on vulnerable and already traumatised men, women and children.”

Potential volunteers should contact: Councillor David Thomas on [email protected].

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