Greens call for support for Fossil Free Future demo

Green Party leader on Oxfordshire County Council, David Williams, is calling for public support for the Fossil Free Future demonstration. This is being held on Saturday 31st May, assembling at the Radcliffe Camera, Radcliffe Square, 11.00am, for a march to Bonn Square.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr Brenda Boardman - former head of the Lower Carbon Futures team at Oxford's Environmental Change Institute and co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre;
  • Dr Deon Luow - JR doctor active in the Fossil Free health campaign

Councillor David Williams says:

“In order to prevent catastrophic climate change, perhaps as much as one third of the fossil fuels remaining below ground must be left there. There is ample evidence that energy conservation and renewable energy can provide for the needs of the UK. However, it is also clear that moving investment from fossil fuels towards energy efficiency and safe, clean energy technologies can generate as much as one million new jobs. It is imperative that investment in fossil fuels be phased out quickly and climate protecting investment take its place.”

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