GREEN COMMENT: Statement on Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board review into the deaths of homeless people

Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "We welcome this necessary review into the tragic deaths of nine homeless people and its critique of Oxford City Council's current approach. However, we reject any implications that such tragedies are inevitable. According to the most recent data from the ONS, Oxford City has, proportionately, the fifth highest homeless death toll in England & Wales [1]; worse than many areas in central London and other major conurbations such as Birmingham, Nottingham and Liverpool. Something is clearly broken."

Extracted data [6 year average] per million population
Deaths per million population - England & Wales (2013-2018)
TOP FIVE        
E09000001 City of London 149.2    
E09000007 Camden   86.5    
E06000008 Blackburn with Darwen 80.4    
E09000033 Westminster 62.1    
E07000178 Oxford   50.7    
E08000021 Newcastle upon Tyne 48.9    
E06000043 Brighton and Hove 46.9    
E08000012 Liverpool   34.6    
E06000023 Bristol, City of 33.5    
E09000012 Hackney    29.2    
E07000008 Cambridge 27.1    
E08000025 Birmingham 23.3    
E06000018 Nottingham 13.6    

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