Donate for 2023

Donate for 2023

Over the last four years, we have grown from 2 to 18 Green Party councillors. You can help us win again in 2023!

In 2019 we took South Oxfordshire away from the Conservatives. In 2021 we did the same in the county council. And in 2022 we doubled the number of Green councillors in Oxford, Cherwell and West Oxfordshire.

But campaigning costs a lot of money!

In 2023 we have a big fight on our hands. There are elections in all districts apart from Oxford. In South Oxfordshire we have to defend our 6 councillors that have been running the district since 2019 from a Conservative attack. And we have to increase our representation on Cherwell, West Oxfordshire and the Vale.

How can you help?

  • £5 can pay for a canvassing pack to equip a volunteer.
  • £15 will print 500 posters for a town.
  • £25 pays for a online advertisement to reach people at home.
  • £40 will print a letter for every postal voter in a ward.
  • £150 will pay for 5000 leaflets to get Green supporters to vote.
  • £250 will pays for an advertisement in all newspapers in Oxfordshire.
  • £600 pays for voter telephone numbers to call while we cannot knock on doors.

Donate to our fighting fund now. We particularly need regular donations every month so that we can afford to pay for staff and all year round newsletters.

Give a little, or give a lot, whatever you can afford. Thank you.

£1,950.00 raised
GOAL: £10,000.00



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  2. Most UK-registered companies.
  3. A Great Britain registered political party.
  4. A UK-registered trade union, building society, or friendly society.
  5. A UK-registered LLP or unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.

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