Call for Conservatives to Resign

A call for the Conservative County Councillors to resign their party membership will be made tomorrow by Green County Council Cllr David Williams. Cllr Williams will call for mass resignations at the cabinet meeting where the proposed budget for next year will be presented.

Cllr Williams says:

“The cuts are the greatest ever faced by the County Council and will destroy many vital services and fundamentally undermine many more. Thousands of people, especially the most vulnerable in our community, will be directly affected especially the long-term sick, the elderly, children, the homeless and the disabled. The plan is to reduce Council services by a total of £361 million means more than a third of the Council’s budget will be cut away.”

A number of Conservative County Councillors have resigned their party membership in the past over deep cuts. In the early 1990s a group of Witney Tory councillors resigned their membership over proposed cuts during the premiership of John Major and that brought a more favourable grant settlement the following year.

“Those were honourable people who put their constituents first,” said Cllr Williams.

The Green County Leader believes that mass resignations in the Tory Party will have an effect because it will bring it home to David Cameron, as an Oxfordshire MP, the draconian nature of the cuts to local government that are being imposed by cutting the Central Government grant to Oxfordshire.

David Williams adds: “This is a desperate measure, but these are desperate times.”

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