Oxford City Manifesto - Improving public transport

Improving public transport

The Greens have a long history of fighting for improvements for cyclists and demanding lower emission public transport with more frequent public services. Others may recognise the problems but only the Greens have effective solutions.

Green successes:

  • Achieved expanded bus services and more frequent timing.
  • Successfully campaigned for pedestrian crossings on St Clements Street, Donnington Bridge Road and Iffley Road.  
  • Secured £1million for Cowley Rd traffic scheme from the Government ensuring trees, benches & cycle parking were provided to improve the area. This led to a 35% reduction in the accident rate on Cowley Rd.
  • Demanded monitoring and changes to bus carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Seed funded the East Oxford Car Club which has taken 300 cars off the road.
  • Fought for over 15 years and achieved cross ticketing between bus companies.
  • Implemented a real increase in the number of cycle racks and improved cycle lanes throughout the City.
  • Worked with local residents to implement Controlled Parking Zones in St Mary’s and St Clements in accordance with their wishes.
  • Obtained speed humps along the length of Walton Street and zebra crossings in front of Worcester College and outside County Hall.
  • Were instrumental in creating the City Cycling Forum which brings together various cycling campaign organisations with city councillors and various others.

Greens will:

  • Continue to work with communities to introduce Controlled Parking Zones where the community supports them.
  • Campaign for all employers to increase the number of their staff that are enabled to telework, as a result of enhanced Green Travel Plans.
  • Work to ensure new developments with additional employment implications have Green Travel Plans and traffic impact assessments of a rigorous nature before planning approval is given by Oxford City Council.

On Pedestrians

  • Campaign for Safe routes to schools and school travel plans to be re-financed and reemphasised, since about 14% of cars moving in morning rush hours are carrying children to schools.
  • Support pedestrianisation of Broad Street and St Giles, with marked cycle ways.
  • Work with Cyclox and the Pedestrians Association to improve safety and eliminate danger spots.
  • Encourage provision of more pedestrian crossings in Oxford, with better timings for existing and new crossings to give priority to pedestrians.

On Cycling

  • Campaign to achieve the ‘Benelux three division system’ full separation of cycle-ways from road traffic wherever possible.
  • Work with the rail authorities to significantly expand cycle parking at Oxford rail station through the use of two-tier cycle racks.
  • Make sure that new cycle racks cater for larger pedal powered vehicles such as work bikes and trailers.
  • Ring fence budgets to improve facilities for cyclists such as a covered cycle hub in the City Centre area plus prompt filling of potholes and the completion of a cycle network around the City.
  • Encourage expansion of existing cycle hire systems, with the goal of making them similar to the London system and having stands in the park and rides.

On Buses

  • Seek to increase the coverage and frequency of bus services in Oxford and the County, and to eventually restore support to subsidised bus services reduced as a result of past and future County cuts.
  • Work to increase the number of bus stops with real time indicators.
  • Campaign to introduce cheap ticket schemes for low income groups.
  • The feasibility of providing racks on the back of buses for bicycles should be investigated and if practical, should result in implementation throughout the bus fleet serving Oxfordshire.
  • Push for complete integrated ticketing across the bus operators, including for transit routes across Oxford and an emphasis on smart card payment for buses.

On Trains and Trams

  • Campaign for railway branch lines to reopen for passenger use.
  • Lobby train operators to provide more space for bicycles.
  • Research the potential of reinstating light rapid transport systems e.g. trams.

On Private Transport

  • Encourage the adoption of properly signed and enforced 20mph schemes for all residential roads in Oxford.
  • Encourage traffic calming to reduce urban traffic, consulting the public on the details in their area.
  • Continue to support car-free housing alongside improved public transport, using Section 106 agreements and successor legislation, in new developments.
  • Investigate the feasibility of a freight distribution centre outside Oxford as a means of reducing Heavy Goods Vehicle entry to the city, sited on an existing industrial estate.
  • Extend the network of speed cameras as soon as financially possible to reduce excessive traffic speeds on our roads. 


This summary contains on party of the Green Party's vision for Oxford. Return to the full version of this manifesto for more options.

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