Larry Sanders is fighting for the NHS in Oxford

Larry Sanders
Larry Sanders with Shahrah Ali, Green Party Deputy Leader, at the Green Fair.

Larry Sanders is the Green Party candidate for Summertown in the Oxford City Council election on 5 May 2016.

Who is Larry?

I have been working for people with disabilities and their carers for the past 20 years based on my training in Law and Social Work. I have been:

  • Chair and Legal Advisor to Oxfordshire Community Care Rights
  • Lecturer in Health and Social Care Law at the Open University and Oxford Brookes
  • Director of Oxfordshire Carers’ Forum
  • Non-Executive Director of Oxfordshire Mental Trust
  • Oxfordshire County Councillor and Member Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee
  • Chair Healthwatch Oxfordshire
  • Member Advisory Group on Unsafe Discharges for Healthwatch England
  • Co-Chair Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

i am now the Green Party spokeperson on health.

Why am I standing?

The UK has had 30 years of governments shifting resources from the vast majority to the richest 1%. As a result we have an NHS becoming unable to provide decent care for most people; millions of people unable to afford decent housing; an economy unable to make the shift to renewable energy; a rich country with hundreds of thousands of people short of food and heating. This is all unnecessary and only the Green Party has the determination and policies to make the difference we need.

I am very proud to have been endorsed by the National Health Action Party. Our two parties are the only parties active in England which are campaigning for the end of privatisation in the NHS and in support of the Junior Doctors. It is true that Jeremy Corbyn agrees with us but the vast majority of the Labour Party 'establishment', (MPs. Councillors and party officials) do not.

What Larry will do when elected

My priorities will be to support legislation:

  • To reverse the privatisation of the NHS and to fund it properly
  • To build hundreds of thousands of good quality Council Houses for rent and a similar number of Community Land Trust homes for sale with the land kept in community ownership (which will cut their price in half)
  • To make sure the richest individuals and corporations pay their full taxes
  • To require all employers pay a minimum wage of £10 an hour, ending the scandal of millions of workers in poverty
  • To severely reduce the unemployment and under-employment of 5 million people ready and willing to work by a program to renew and improve our infrastructure.

This is a rich, skilled and decent country. We can do much better.

Larry's life

Here is Larry talking about Oxford and the world when interviewed in 2013.


I call on the government to reverse the privatisation of the NHS and to fund it properly.

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    I’m an American living in London, and I support Larry Sanders for the UK, as well as his brother for the US.
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    god bless the NHS
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    Please keep me informed of any Green Party activities/events in Oxford West and Oxford East constituencies
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    Chums of Dave Snooty slink around the NHS like slavering hyenas. Difference is that hyenas do not harm the environment to deliberately damage our health and then make us pay to get fixed.

    I joined the Green Party because I want my children and grandchildren to be people; not consumers preyed on by the privileged bonkers few.

    Like Lord Freud:
  • signed 2015-04-12 15:22:30 +0100
    Protection of the NHS and its improvement in all spheres should be a national priority for all regardless of Party Politics.
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    Sign the petition: Larry Sanders will fight for the NHS in Oxford West and Abingdon
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    Save the NHS!
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    I am 22 years old and have decided that as a nation we are being robbed of our rights by people whos sole interest is stuffing there own pockets. The fact is we are one world and need to start acting like it.
  • signed 2014-12-07 09:06:42 +0000

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