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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Green Party! 

The General Election will be held on Thursday 8 June 2017.  Check out our parliamentary candidates and find out more about what we stand for!

Remember, this election isn’t about the next 5 years. It’s about the next 50….

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Larry Sanders is fighting the Oxford East constituency for the Green Party.

Larry says:

I am pleased to have been chosen as Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Oxford East. I have lived, worked and raised my family here over 47 years. I think it is one of the areas that understand and hate the growth of anti-minority politics, the rise of the Trumps, and the success of the Teresa May in making life harder for most of us.

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Bonn Week 2017

It's Bonn Week (twinning celebrations) in Oxford from Friday 26 May to Sunday 28 May!

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What's Happening

Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 06:00 PM through May 29, 2017

Go West - The Green Party goes to Bristol

Bristol Greens are running its best ever targeted campaign to elect the wonderful Molly Scott Cato as our city's first ever Green MP. Returning a second Green MP to Parliament would change the history of our party forever. But it’s going to be so close here in Bristol West. We’re currently neck and neck but you can help us make history.

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of May, Greens from across the country will descend on Bristol. From Brighton to Scotland and everywhere in between, Bristol is looking forward to welcoming hundreds of members and supporters like you on the streets talking to voters, communicating our vision of a Green future. We’ll be joined on the streets by co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, deputy leader Amelia Womack and of course Molly Scott Cato.

The weekend will include a huge outdoor rally featuring Green members and supporters from across the country, the party leadership team and national media. There will be excellent speeches and empowering Green message for the doorsteps.  There will be canvassing and door knocking and fun and celebrations!

Find out more here:


Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 02:00 PM
The Chester in Oxford, United Kingdom

Sunday door knocking

Larry Sanders (the original Bernie Bro!) is running to become MP for Oxford East. Help us convince voters that a Green vote is the best way to fight hard Brexit, to support our NHS and to tackle climate change.

If you've never done door knocking before, it is easy and someone will show you the ropes and go around with you until you feel comfortable.

We will be using eCavnasser, so if you have a smart phone, if you could install the app that would be useful: (Android) (iOS)

If you're not able to help today, or want to get involved in some other way, please head to our volunteering page:

Want more info?  Contact Thomas Kiley, mobile:  07948 284729

Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 03:00 PM
68 Coniston Ave in Oxford, United Kingdom

Headington - Get Larry's Leaflet Out

Come help us deliver Larry's green message to Headington. 

Come round to Kate's house (a local Green), have a chat, pick up a bundle of leaflets and help us get the green message out to the good people of Headington. 

The leaflets don't have to be delivered today, just take a bundle to deliver when you can. 

Kate will also be letting people collect leaflets on the bank holiday Monday, and Wednesday evening from 18:30

If you can't make it, but would still be available to do some leafletting, do let us know where you are and we can arrange for a bundle to be delivered to your house:

To find other ways to help, go to

Want more info?  Contact Thomas Kiley, mobile:  07948 284729


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