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Greens call for referral of Labour Cllr to Standards Committee
Following revelations of the hateful (anti-gay and anti-semitic) posts on Cllr Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan’s Facebook page (now closed) [1], Greens are calling for the immediate referral of Cllr Lloyd-Shogbesan to the Council’s Standards Committee.
Says Cllr Simmons, himself a Jew, “Personally, I think he should resign or be sacked and a by-election held. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable. But the correct process to follow is to refer him to the  cross-party Standards Committee where his actions can be judged, the evidence scrutinised, and the correct sanctions applied. This can include a permanent or temporary suspension. We also need to look at the wider issue of when the posts went public and whether those Councillors who knew about them had a duty to report them sooner. It may well be significant that the posts where made before the local  elections but were only reported afterwards.”
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Thank you for your help!

Your county party co-chairs, Cheryl and Chris, would like to thank everyone who worked so hard for these recent elections. Any help you have been able to give has been much appreciated. Dick Woolf has kept his seat in the Oxford City Council for his ward in St Mary's, keeping a strong Green voice in the city. Other successes have included a very respectable second place for Ian Middleton in Kidlington East (Cherwell District Council) which provides a strong basis for future campaigning there.

Even in those wards where we were unable to do much more than stand a candidate, it is hard to overstate the value of the 'We're here and we're here to stay' message given by the Green Party name and logo on so many ballot papers. Chris was at the count for Cherwell, and if the respectable numbers of votes in those wards where little campaigning was possible are anything to go by, that suggests a good level of support for the Green Party across the county.

Nationally, the Green Party now has 174 seats in 67 councils, including three entirely new ones, giving Green people a political voice right across the country.

Just days before the local election, Council condemn community centre

On the 29th April 2018, just days before the local elections, the City Council have condemned the East Oxford Community Centre B-block, leaving organisations including the East Oxford Community Association (EOCA) without a home. Somewhat ironically, EOCA used to manage the Centre until the City Council forcibly took back control a couple of years ago. Since the Council takeover B-block has been allowed to deteriorate in preparation, it became clear, for planned demolition and sell-off of the site. 

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What's Happening

Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 07:30 PM · 11 rsvps
Gallery Room, Corn Exchange, Witney in Witney, United Kingdom

A Green in the room

A public talk by Jonathan Bartley (Co-chair of the Green Party, and Green Councillor for Lambeth), A Green in the room



Before the public talk, the West Oxfordshire Greens are holding their AGM at 6:30pm. All Green Party members welcome.

Friday, May 25, 2018 at 08:00 PM
Royal Blenheim Pub in Oxford, United Kingdom

Pub Social

Why not take the chance to have a chat with like minded souls, by popping along to our regular get-together? On the last Friday of each month members of the Oxfordshire Green Party, friends and interested people socialise through relaxed chats or heated debates, your choice :-) 

So do join us from 8pm at the Royal Blenheim, St Ebbes Street, Oxford, OX1 1PT (we're there every last Friday of the month!)

If you've never been before, call Cheryl on 07500 665207  so she can welcome you!

You can find us at a table at the back; someone might have a green party Tshirt on and/or there'll be an A4 Green Party poster propped up on the table. Or just ask at the bar for directions!

Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM · 7 rsvps
Abingdon Northcourt Centre in Abingdon, United Kingdom

2019 Elections Planning Workshop

If you want to look at strategy for 2019 elections and get involved in planning them right from the start, this is the event to come to.

There are elections on 2 May 2019 all across South Oxfordshire and the Vale of the White Horse, plus some in Cherwell District and West Oxfordshire. This time we will replace some lazy Conservative councillors with Green Party councillors who care.

To win we need to plan a year-round campaign that starts in June, using all the techniques in the How to Win Local Elections manual and your best ideas. We will be working in small groups to decide where to concentrate our efforts, how to get more people involved, what we should do when, and how to organise the campaign.

Note this workshop has been postponed for a week to allow more people to come. We are starting at 11:30 so that members coming from Oxford can, if they wish, take the Salters steamer along the River Thames on the way. The nearest bus stop in Boundary House, 5 min. walk from the venue.

There will be a bring and share lunch.

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