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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Green Party, the local branch of the Green Party of England and Wales. Our local councillors are fighting for the people of Oxfordshire. Take a look around. Join us.

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Keith Taylor's Message about Brexit

Keith Taylor is our Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the South East region.

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Craig Simmon's City Budget Speech 2017

Below is the full speech Craig Simmons, leader of the city's Green Group, gave when he presented our councillors' budget amendment for the 2017 budget. This speech provides insight into the workings of the city council, and the work our city councillors put in year-round. It is also a good outline of the Green Party's vision for the city which our councillors fight hard to promote.

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Greens slam City's £4m car park project

At this week's budget meeting (20/2/2017), Oxford's Green Councillors withdrew their support from the City's Capital Budget programme after their amendment to divert the £4m set aside for the Seacourt Park & Ride expansion to community facilities, environmental project and homelessness provision was rejected by the ruling City's Labour administration.

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What's Happening

Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 11:00 AM through February 26, 2017 · 4 rsvps
Oxford in Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford Action Weekend

Come this weekend to hear how our Green Party councillors are fighting to keep democracy local and protect services for the people, and to campaign to create a healthier Oxfordshire County Council - with more Greens.

In the spring of 2016 the Green Party was the only party to produce a plan that would have saved all the rural buses and children's centres from the cuts. All the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative county councillors voted for cuts to the services for the people in Oxfordshire. This year our Green councillors have produced a budget to keep the children's centres going, prevent cuts to adult social care and restore rural buses at a cost of 50 p/week.

We need more Green councillors to fight for the people of Oxfordshire. We need to get our message across to more voters. We need your help to deliver leaflets and knock on doors to speak to every voter we can reach.

We are gathering at 1100 and 1400 on Saturday and Sunday. Sign up for the shifts when you can join us.

Over lunch you can meet other Greens, quiz our councillors and listen to a message from Keith Taylor, Green MEP for SE England, on defending the rights of EU citizens here after Brexit.

Saturday: meet at Café Tarifa, 56-60 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JB, at 1100 or 1400.

Sunday: meet at The Marsh Harrier, 40 Marsh Road, Oxford OX4 2HH at 1100 or 1400.

If you need accommodation in Oxford or help with travel, please let us know.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 at 05:30 PM
School of Geography and the Environment in Oxford, United Kingdom

Mitigating climate change: The Paris Agreement and the 1.5C target

All are welcome to this event organised by CIWEM and the Environment Change Institute, Oxford.

Doors open 5:30pm for a 6pm start.

The evening will examine different aspects of our life affected by Climate Change.

"1.5°: Meeting the Challenges of the Paris Agreement" - Alice Chautard, Environmental Change Institute

Alice will present the key messages and conclusions from the 1.5C (20-22 September 2016) conference which brought together researchers, policy makers, businesses and members of civil society, to understand the impacts of 1.5C warming and assess the feasibility of meeting the Paris Agreement. Ms Chautard is based at the Environmental Change Institute

"Building pathways to Paris" - Dr Matt Ives, Senior Researcher, Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium,

Fulfilling the UK’s commitment to the Paris climate agreement will require significant strategic infrastructure interventions.  Matt will outline some alternative pathways developed as part of a UK National Needs Assessment.  Dr Ives is a Senior Researcher with the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium,

"Mitigating climate change while feeding the world" - Dr Monika Zurek, Senior Researcher, SUSFANS,

Monika will discuss the implications of the Paris Agreement for changes to our food system as agri-food systems are currently one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions. Dr Zurek is a Senior Researcher working on the SUSFANS project,

Thursday, March 02, 2017 at 07:30 PM
West Oxford Community Centre in Oxford, United Kingdom

Green Women Trailblazers!

Come and be inspired by about Green Women’s successes in this gathering in honour of the Oxford International Women’s Festival to celebrate women’s achievements and solidarity.

Lucy Ford, Caroline Lucas’s first Brussels’ research assistant will talk about the many ‘firsts’ Caroline has achieved in her political career.

Anne Dodd who has a commemorative oak tree from Wangari Maathai will talk about the Wangari’s achievements as the first ever African female Nobel Prize winner and her many green achievements.

Al Chisholm - will speak on her work to found Fossil Free Oxfordshire


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