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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Green Party, a local group of the Green Party of England and Wales. Our 6 Oxford City councillors, and 2 Oxfordshire County councillors are fighting for the people of Oxfordshire. Read our news and our policies, come to an event, tell us your stories, volunteer to help, or make a donation.

What's Happening

Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 11:45 AM · 15 rsvps
Dupuis Centre, St John's Church in Banbury, United Kingdom

Oxfordshire Green Gathering

The big event approaches! The first ever Oxfordshire Green Gathering.

Apart from the workshops and Will Duckworth's talk, this event is for Green Party members only. You can join.

11.45am Welcome and tea and coffee.
12.00pm Green Oxfordshire Awards ceremony with Will Duckworth (past Green Party deputy leader) and Hazel Dawe (OGP treasurer).
1.30pm Lunch provided by the local party at reasonable rates.
2.30pm Workshops—open to the public.
  A) Fracking workshop with Claire Pearman, Banbury and Cherwell Green Party member and anti-fracking campaigner, and campaigning group Frack Off. B) Agriculture workshop with writer on farming issues and Green Party candidate in the Chalgrove and Watlington by-election, Colin Tudge.
4pm Tea and coffee break.
4.30pm Speaker session with Will Duckworth—open to the public.
6pm Close (and visit to the pub!).

There is limited parking in the Dupuis Centre, but there is a car park nearby off Dashwood Road.

All catering will be vegetarian but please do let me know if you would like vegan food too.

Nominations for awards were open until 1st September.

Here are the categories to remind you:

  1. Best Target Ward campaign
  2. Outstanding contribution April 2013 – May 2014 (for a party or individual)
  3. Innovation (any idea or strategy that everyone needs to steal from you...)
  4. Working together (best example of team work by a group of individuals)
  5. Best local issue campaign
  6. Life time contribution




Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 04:30 PM · 1 rsvp
Dupuis Centre, St John's Church in Banbury, United Kingdom

Green alternatives to austerity

Will Duckworth, outgoing Deputy Leader of the Green Party, is speaking on Green alternatives to austerity on Saturday 20th September. He will be speaking in a public session of the Oxfordshire Green Gathering.

All are welcome to his talk and to the workshops before his talk.

Will Duckworth will be saying:

Austerity is not an economic imperative. We have to make sure we tax people properly. That is, ensure that people pay the correct amount of tax the legal level, and the level they are expected to pay. Tax evasion and tax avoidance cost us, according to economists’ reports, £120bn per year. Let’s make sure we set taxes that are not there to be avoided and that when people evade them illegally we catch them and punish them.

To get out of this crisis, we must invest. In jobs, in useful industries, and in people. We can bring people back into the world of work, benefitting everyone they get a job and a decent income, the taxpayer spends less on social security payments, and every one of us benefits from the results of their labour.

We believe Green technology holds the key to rescuing us from ecological catastrophe. Species’ extinctions, rising temperatures and sea-levels do threaten us all. We can lead the world in Green technology and manufacture, creating thousands and thousands of new jobs in the process, if we’re just brave enough to do so. If our politicians don't believe that people and the planet are worth investing in then we need to change our politicians.

Latest News Stories

Greens criticise Labour for engineering 'sham election' Carfax Ward by-election. 4th September. The Greens have criticised Labour for engineering a 'sham election' timed at their convenience for when the majority of voters were absent.  [Read more]
Richard Scrase backs Covered Market Last night Richard Scrase, the Green Party candidate for Carfax, backed the Covered Market traders at hustings at Oxford Town Hall. [Read more]
The Disappearing Voter in Oxfordshire Councillor David Williams, leader of the Green Group on the County Council, will be presenting a motion to the County Council on the new system of voter registration which is coming into force shortly. Experience elsewhere suggests a loss of registered individuals by as much as 30% in the poorest areas. [Read more]

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