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Oxford City Council agrees £1.4m of funding for city’s community groups

Green Comment: 

"It is great that the City Council is maintaining most of its grant funding - but it is slightly misleading to call this community funding as a lot is used for delivering statutory services e.g. homelessness. Also, this large, annual grant fund masks the cuts that are happening in the voluntary grants. £45k per year is being taken out of this budget."

 FMI Cllr Craig Simmons 0773 980 3047

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Greens criticise new 'anti homeless benches' outside Westgate
Former Green Party County Councillor, David Williams, has criticised new public benches at the Westgate after chrome 'arms' were added as a deterrent to rough sleepers. 
Use additional funds for emergency homeless accommodation say Greens

Oxford City Council's Executive Board are this evening discussing how to spend a 'windfall' of £193k from Government. The additional funds were unexpected and the Council were only notified after the 2018/19 budget consultations had started. 

The Greens have long been campaigning for better facilities for Oxford's rough sleepers (the number has risen 400% in the last five years) and have identified the need for additional investment in emergency accommodation during cold weather as a priority. 
Currently, the so-called SWEP provision makes additional beds available to rough sleepers only when freezing temperatures are forecast for three nights in a row. The Greens believe that such accommodation should be open on EVERY night when temperatures are forecast to dip below zero. 
Estimates secured by the Greens indicate that this would cost an additional £35k per year. They are applying pressure on the Labour administration to fund an extended SWEP out of this money. 
Says Green Group Leader, Cllr David Thomas, "The Council should use this windfall to extend the current emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. Everyone deserves a warm and safe space in cold weather.

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What's Happening

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 07:30 PM
Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in Oxford, United Kingdom

Forum meeting: 21 February 2018

What's a Forum meeting?

Our Forum meeting is an engaging and inclusive way to connect with others and find out who is who, and what's going on.  You can meet other Green Party supporters, discuss a topic of interest to us all, find out what’s been happening from our elected councillors, have a chat with others, raise questions, and see how you can get involved (or not)!  Each meeting will have a subject that we will discuss, and an opportunity to meet and chat to like-minded people.

What's happening in February?

David Thomas will be talking about Homelessness, and what's been going on - you'll get to ask questions and discuss what's happening. 

We hope to see you there!

The schedule is as follows:

7.30pm – Official start of the meeting/introduce the evening's agenda

7.35pm – Campaigns and policy on Homelessness 

8.05pm – How to get involved 

8.25pm – Break for tea and chats

8.50pm – Feedback from councillors AGM report feedback.

9.05pm – Election campaigns feedback/Learning together

9.30pm – End of meeting 

Friday, February 23, 2018 at 08:00 PM
Royal Blenheim Pub in Oxford, United Kingdom

Pub Social

Why not take the chance to have a chat with like minded souls, by popping along to our regular get-together? On the last Friday of each month members of the Oxfordshire Green Party, friends and interested people socialise through relaxed chats or heated debates, your choice :-) 

So do join us from 8pm at the Royal Blenheim, St Ebbes Street, Oxford, OX1 1PT (we're there every last Friday of the month!)

If you've never been before, call Sarah on 07768 196562 so she can welcome you!

You can find us at a table at the back; someone might have a green party Tshirt on and/or there'll be an A4 Green Party poster propped up on the table. Or just ask at the bar for directions!

Sunday, March 04, 2018 at 02:00 PM
Beetroot in Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford Action Day

Join us to get more Greens councillors elected.

We will be talking to voters, knocking on doors and handing out leaflets in Oxford. Come and join us, meet other Greens, and learn how our elected Green councillors make a difference. 

The Plan

Join one of the teams campaigning this weekend. All members and supporters welcome.

Outdoors, we will be conversing with residents to find out what issues they want us to work on and whether they might vote for a Green candidate. Indoors we will be telephoning supporters to ask them to help.

Let us know below when you can make it.

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