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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Green Party, a local group of the Green Party of England and Wales. Our 6 Oxford City councillors, and 2 Oxfordshire County councillors are fighting for the people of Oxfordshire. Read our news and our policies, come to an event, tell us your stories, volunteer to help, or make a donation.

What's Happening

Thursday, February 05, 2015 at 07:00 PM
Oxford Town Hall in Oxford, United Kingdom

The Paris Climate talks Dec 2015

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, will be speaking at this event.

Saturday, February 07, 2015 at 10:30 AM
Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in Oxford, United Kingdom

Elections training in Oxford

Come and learn how to win the 7 May 2015 elections for the Green Party in Oxfordshire, and the Oxford East advanced constituency.

Are you a new member? 2800 people joined the Green Party in SE England in 2014, 1800 in the last 3 months. Welcome. Come to one of our training and find out how you can help in our local and general election campaigns.
  • How do you get people to consider voting Green? Learn about leaflets and press releases.
  • How do you find people who will go and vote Green on polling day? Have a go at canvassing.
  • Where can we win? Learn about how campaigns are organised, and our strategies to win in 2015, despite England's unfair voting system.
Or are you an experienced member? Someone who has been waiting for the day when hundreds of supporters can come out to campaign with you? Come to one of our training days and learn new skills for the 2015 campaigns.
  • How can we get voters to listen to Green messages? Learn about the key campaign themes and our communications strategy.
  • Confident dealing with the media? Have a go at video interviewing, hustings practice and making your own videos.
  • How can you engage new volunteers and members in your campaign? Learn how to scale up with the Green surge.

This is a hands-on workshop, with plenty of opportunities to try out and practice different skills. Some you will learn on the day, such as canvassing and video production. Others will be introduced on the day, then you can sign up for webinars to learn from the confort of your own homes things like:

  • How to write blog posts, petitions, vote pledges, event and donation pages on this web site, and get supporters and voters to sign up.
  • How to use social media effectively to spread our messagess, and recruit new supporters. (The SNP created an e-mail list of 50,000 in 90 days in 2011 using the same NationBuilder software.)
  • How to effectively collect, share and use voter and supporter data. (Can we do data-driven campaigning like Obama?)

Finally, it is a great opportunity to learn from people from other local parties, including the Oxfordshire Green Party members who are campaigning in the Oxford East advanced constituency, one of the national Green Party targets.

As this is organised by the South East Green Party, please RSVP on:


Latest News Stories

Recruiting an Oxford East Volunteer Co-ordinator Oxfordshire Green Party is urgently recruiting a Volunteer Coordinator to mobilise and coordinate volunteer activity during our 2015 General Election campaign in the Oxford East constituency, one of the top eight targeted seats of the Green Party of England and Wales. [Read more]
Recruiting an Oxford East Campaign Manager Oxfordshire Green Party is urgently recruiting a Campaign Manager to run our 2015 General Election campaign in the Oxford East constituency, one of the top eight targeted seats of the Green Party of England and Wales. This role will provide the overall coordination for the Oxford East campaign from February until after the general election in May. [Read more]
Welcoming the Green surge The Green Party is growing fast. Nationally membership has grown by 40%.  In every month since May, between 70 and 100 people have joined the party in Oxfordshire. We are responding to this welcome surge, and have already had a new members meeting. [Read more]

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