Candidate Application

Candidate Application

We are looking for Green Party candidates in the:

  • 2016 Witney parliamentary by-election,
  • 2017 county council elections, and
  • unitary council elections in 2018.

All candidates for target seats need to complete this form. A target seat is a priority area where the Oxfordshire Green Party aims to make an impact.

If you just want to get your name on the ballot paper so that voters can vote for the Green Party in your ward (a paper candidate) you do not need to complete this form.

Selection process

To be selected as a Green Party candidate for a winable seat, you need to:

  1. Be eligible to stand for election in the area and have not been disqualified from standing (you don't need to live in the ward or constituency, just somewhere in the council area - or the UK to stand for Parliament).
  2. Be nominated by two Oxfordshire Green Party members (you can nominate yourself if you are a member).
  3. Answer the questions in this survey.
  4. Provide a statement to circulate to all members in the constituency and answer questions at a hustings meeting.
  5. Win a ballot of all Green Party members in the council area or constituency.

If you have any difficulties completing the survey, email the Oxfordshire Green Party Administrator or Elections co-ordinator with the same information, and any questions you have. We can arrange meetings with councillors and campaigners to answer any questions on what our councillors do, or how to win an election. Or read Councillor David William's presentation on Green councillors.

The final deadlines for applications, with a fully completed survey, selection statement and 2 nominations are:

  • Wed. 21 Sept. 2016 - for the Witney Constituency by-election.
  • Wed. 28 Sept. 2016 - for the 2017 county council election.

Hustings and selection for the Witney by-election will take place at a meeting on 22 Sept. 2016.

Hustings for the second round of county council candidate selection will take place in the week starting 3 Oct. 2016, after your selection statements have been circulated.

Would you like any help in preparing for candidate selection?

We want to encourage more people to apply to stand as candidates for the Green Party.

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