Wow, what an election result!

Wow, what an election result! The turnout was high, with many more young people voting, and there has been a clear expression for a positive, socially-just future.

The Green Party has raised its profile enormously, has fielded more candidates than ever before and has more widely disseminated its policies for putting people and the environment first. 


HUGE THANKS to everyone who played a role in the campaigns: from canvassers to campaign managers, from volunteers to the candidates themselves.  You did an A-MAZ-ING job.  Well done.

Our selflessness in standing aside in Oxford West and Abingdon, to support the progressive alliance, paid dividends with the election of Layla Moran.

As co-leader Jonathan says, “This is the dawn of a new kind of politics, and Greens are at the heart of it.”

The DUP look likely to prop up the Conservative minority government. They are climate deniers, denounce same-sex marriage, are anti-abortionist, and have creationists among its senior members [1, 2].  There is a real danger that policies spreading division within and between communities will continue.

We shall not let them.  More than ever, Green voices need to be heard: to help fight extreme Brexit, to champion the environment and to keep human rights intact.  We’re in for the long haul. Hope flourishes with the Greens, and together we’ll bring a better future to the country.





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