Why vote remain?

On Monday night, 90 people turned up to hear the social and environmental case for the EU.

We now have video recordings for you to watch.

4 people spoke at the meeting, followed by an hour of questions and answers.

Hazel Dawe set out to refute myths about human rights, showing how they protect us from the excesses of government power.

Keith Taylor laid out the work he was doing in Europe and SE England on animal rights and air pollution.

George Monbiot spoke about how bad the EU is, dominated by multinationals. But that the UK government is even worse, so we should vote to stay in the EU, as it prevents the complete erosion of environmental and workers rights in the UK.

Phillipe Lambert, co-chair of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament spoke about the way the MEPs work together to solve the problems that cannot be addressed in a nation state, such as the climate crisis.

Pledge your vote here, then vote remain on Thursday.

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