Where’s the Environment in this election?

“Where’s the Environment?” says Green Candidate.  A Strong Green Vote is More Important than Ever

With just days to go before the General Election, and less than a week after Donald Trump announced his intention to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement, Oxford East Green candidate Larry Sanders has called on voters to put climate change at the top of their priorities when voting this Thursday.

In response to advice from Oxford Progressive Alliance, informing voters that Oxford East is not a marginal and that it is safe to vote for any progressive candidate, Larry is asking voters to choose Green as the most progressive party in the constituency.

 Larry says, “Greens have rightly condemned President Trump's weak and misguided decision to quit the Paris climate deal and Teresa May's silence in joining the global condemnation is a national embarrassment.  The UK government could have been a voice of reason, but instead have put short-term self-interest before the health of our planet and the lives of millions at risk from uncontrolled climate change.

The Greens will now redouble their fight to prevent catastrophic climate change. The stakes are too high not to.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader and former Oxford Councillor, says, “Environmental protection isn’t an optional extra – it must be part of any long term vision for this country’s future. But shamefully it’s an issue that has been conspicuous by its absence so far in this election campaign - and this has got to change.

“With almost no mention in the leaders debates and glossed over in the manifestos, it's hard to believe any other parties are committed to stopping climate targets slipping further out of reach, cleaning up our air or ending the free-fall in biodiversity.

We have the chance to make this General Election a turning point in our history, when the UK steps to become a world leader in environmental protection. But to do that we need to put the environment back on the political agenda.

CONTACTS: Thomas Kiley, Campaign Manager 07948 284729, Larry Sanders 01865 244487 

More info

[1]   In an email to their supporters last month, Oxford Progressive Alliance stated: "Compass see this [Oxford East] as a safe Labour seat where they are advising voters (via the tactical voting tool on their website) to vote for any progressive party." Compass have been working with the Greens to build a Progressive Alliance.

[2]   The Green Party is the only party to produce a separate environment manifesto in this election https://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/green-party-environment-manifesto.pdf

[3]   Green Party responds to Trump pulling out of Paris agreement https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2017/06/02/green-party-responds-to-trump-pulling-out-of-paris-agreement/

[4]   Caroline Lucas stages emergency intervention for the environment https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2017/05/30/caroline-lucas-stages-emergency-intervention-for-the-environment/

[5]   Caroline Lucas’ full speech at the emergency intervention for the environment https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2017/05/30/caroline-lucas-environment-stunt-full-speech/

[6]   The Green Party has produced a fully costed manifesto https://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/gp2017/greenguaranteepdf.pdf

[7]   For more information about Larry www.greenoxfordshire.com/larry

[8]   The National Health Action Party have endorsed Larry, a veteran health campaigner and former Chair of Oxon Keep of NHS Public, for the Oxford East Constituency.

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