Want To Know How To Fix Our Broken Society?

Larry Sanders, who is campaigning for a seat in nearby Witney, gets interviewed by the author of the bestselling Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth.  They discuss what is wrong with 21st century and how to fix it!

“The value created should be distributed far more equitably, amongst all of those who helped create it. What sort of economic mind-set will give us even half a change of achieving that? And for sure as hell it’s not the sort of economics students are being taught at university today.”

“They are being taught economics from the textbooks of the 1950s – which are based on the theories of 1850! Given the challenges of extreme inequality, climate change and repeated financial crises, this is shaping up to be a disaster.” - Kate Raworth

Find the link to the full clip here!

Find Kate Raworth’s fantastic book ‘Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist’ here:

Get more Green MPs elected to fix this broken society.

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