Walking and cycling

Making walking a safe, convenient and pleasant choice for local journeys is one of the priorities of the Green Party's General Election manifesto. The Greens would have a parliamentary committee on walking and cycling to see how these could be promoted widely.

The Greens want to see all local councils have walking and cycling officers, because walkers' and cyclists' needs are not well understood by traffic managers and engineers. We would put walking and cycling at the centre of transport planning, then public transport users, with private motorists’ needs fitted in last (the opposite of how things are done at present). Putting pedestrians at the centre of transport planning would also improve accessibility to wheelchair users.

We would tackle traffic-related air pollution through the introduction of 'Ultra Low Emission Zones' and cutting the numbers of cars on the roads by improving and reducing fares.

We would introduce a 20 mph speed limit in all residential streets and main roads where people live, work and shop, making them both safer and cleaner.

We see public space as public space, not primarily as through-routes which cut communities in half.

We would also protect our beautiful countryside so that everyone can enjoy it, by banning fracking, removing the presumption in favour of development and strengthening the legal framework protecting landscapes and wildlife.

The Green Party stands for a joined up transport strategy that helps improve our quality of life, the national and local economy, health and the environment. We can make it easier, cheaper and more pleasant to walk, cycle and take public transport than to drive. Our plans will deliver immediate improvements while setting in motion plans to transform our transport network.

What would you do to make walking and cycling safer and more pleasant?

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