Will Vowell, candidate for Churchill

My name is Will Vowell, I’m 21 years old, and I’m a student of French and Russian at the University of Oxford; out of term time, I live in Wallingford in South Oxfordshire. Last year I studied in Yaroslavl, Russia, and worked in an art and cultural centre in the south of France. Returning to Oxford this year, I have been working with Oxford Hub helping a local charity to reduce school absenteeism, and have recently become a sub-editor with the Oxford Student newspaper. I have been a member of the Green Party for 3 years, and since the start of this year I have been a part of Oxford Young Greens. On a national level, I am particularly interested in European & foreign affairs, democracy & voting rights, equality, and environmental justice. Locally, I am interested in housing & homelessness, transport, and air pollution.

Labour currently has a large majority on the council, which means they have been able to get away with authorising policies which have negatively affected Oxford residents. If I am elected, my aim will be to hold the Labour-controlled council to account for their actions. I will continue the work of the current Green councillors, challenging the council on its poor record on homelessness, and fighting to keep homeless shelters open. I will be a young voice for the students of Oxford Brookes University in the Churchill ward, calling for stronger links between the council and the student body. I will also support Green initiatives for new forms of public transport, to help link up outer Oxford with the city centre in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. I will also call for more transparency from the council, so that the general public have a greater awareness and understanding as to what their councillors are doing and how taxpayers’ money is being spent.