A greener transport policy for Headington

Oxfordshire Green Party has made a submission to the County consultation on transport policies for the Headington area.

Green Party County Councillor David Williams commented:

The biggest change in the Headington area1 in the immediate future will be 885 new homes at Barton West. Typically, new homes have an average of two vehicles. So, in an area with serious traffic congestion, about 1770 new vehicles will be added by this development alone. This justifies new exemplary measures by both County and City Councils to ensure the new development is well-integrated into walking, cycling and bus networks and that additional traffic is minimised.

One major new initiative Oxfordshire Green Party suggests is an area of car free housing in the Barton West development. Since about 1 in 5 households in the UK do not have cars, it is possible to have new developments without the customary allocations of car parking spaces. This leaves more space for housing and for gardens. Under planning arrangements, a section 106 agreement can be used to place a condition on part of the new development to have some car free housing.

Traffic lights need to be moved to the Collingwood Road junction to serve Risinghurst residents. Current conditions for pedestrians—crossing a road where cars are moving at high speed—are completely unacceptable and are likely to lead to serious accidents involving fatalities. The elderly or less mobile may well be deterred from using buses given such intimidating road conditions.

  1. The consultation area is not just Headington but also includes Barton, Marston, Risinghurst and Wood Farm.

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