Three Labour resignations in two months

Following the resignation today of the third Labour Councillor*  in the two months after the local elections, the Greens have criticised Labour for wasting public funds for political gain.

Says Green Party councillor for Holywell David Thomas:

"Each by-election costs the taxpayer a few thousand pounds. These councillors could all have resigned in time for the May elections. But, phasing these elections at their convenience strongly suggests a strategic move by Labour to maximise their chances of retaining these seats - at our expense. Labour are cynically and deliberately timing by-elections to disadvantage opposition parties, whilst passing the costs onto tax payers.

In May, these same voters elected a Green in Carfax ward, which now has a vacancy."


*A Labour resignation caused the recent Cowley by election; a resignation is expected shortly by a Labour councillor in Quarry and Risinghurst; Labour's only councillor in Carfax has just resigned.

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