Sushila Dhall, candidate for North ward

Sushilla Dhall

My name is Sushila Dhall, and I have been an active Green Party member and a community campaigner for over 20 years. During this time I have been elected to both local Councils, and have served 9 years on Oxfordshire County Council and 5 years on Oxford City Council.

My areas of special interest are transport and planning, and social welfare. I believe in grass-roots democracy and equality of access. Current campaigns include working to narrow the roadway on St Giles, to create Oxford's most beautiful public square, and the Campaign to Save Port Meadow seeking to lower the heights of the Roger Dudman way buildings to restore views of the Dreaming Spires and St Barnabas Tower.

I am a quick thinker, a hard worker, and passionately committed to a greener Oxford.

A graduate of St Hilda's College, Oxford, who has lived in central Oxford for nearly 30 years, Sushila works as a manager and a psychotherapist at an Oxford-based charity. She is a mother with a daughter who attends Cherwell School. Sushila is chair of Oxfordshire Green Party and the candidate for Oxford's North ward, and a keen cyclist and walker. Her interests are listening to and making music, reading and writing, and gardening. She also likes building fires and staring out to sea.

Here she is speaking at the launch of the Green Party campaign for the Oxford City Council elections on 3 May 2012.

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Former councillor, mother and campaigner, North ward candidate and Chair of Oxfordshire Green Party.