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BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions was recorded in Oxford on Friday 13th April.  Caroline Lucas was a panel member and received overwhelming audience support for her views on Syria and what role the UK should play.  Click here to  listen to the whole show.

The question focused on whether or not Parliament should be recalled to debate and decide whether the UK should play an active role in an air strike on Syria. As Parliament is recalled on Monday 16th April, the panellists did not think anything would happen over the weekend, and so thought there would be a debate anyway due to the seriousness of the issue. However, they were incorrect: Teresa May did act unilaterally authorising the RAF to engage in war strikes on Saturday 14th April…..  But, as Caroline says, where is the follow-up, where is the evidence that air strikes will have the desired effect, what is the plan to bring the conflict to an end, why are we not offering assistance to the Syrian citizens trapped in this war???!!

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