Robert Nixon, Green Party Candidate for Bicester Town


I’m a student currently in my final year of A-Levels and have grown up in Bicester over the last 16 years. I joined the Green Party in 2015 just before the general election after feeling that mainstream politicians were not adequately addressing the issues facing ordinary people, particularly young people. The Green Party has the policies to make a real difference in people's lives. What distinguishes us from the other parties most clearly is a defined long term vision of the society we want to live in. Other parties might change their policies on a whim to woo the popular vote whereas Greens will always stick to our principles.

I joined the Green Party first as a member of the Young Greens and since then have become an active member of the North Oxfordshire Green Party. It’s really enjoyable to take part in discussion and debate within the party as well as talking to voters in Cherwell and discussing the issues that matter to them.

Why I got involved in politics
I got involved in politics through a desire to change people's lives for the better, to help people who are struggling at the hands of crippling Government spending cuts and Government policy and to attempt to take responsibility for the way in which we are treating the Earth.
Another aim is to give young people a greater voice in politics. In Cherwell, this could be achieved through the establishment of a Cherwell Youth Parliament with the aim of making organisations like the NHS, and educational institutions accountable to younger people as these organisations play a massive role in the day to day lives of young people. 
Why the Green Party?
Originally I didn't think the Green Party was for me. I had the usual misconceptions about the Greens, I thought everyone was a vegan and an obsessive environmentalist, so naturally as I'm neither of these I couldn't join. I really wanted to join a party committed to stopping dangerous climate change as I've been told throughout my education the climate change was a problem but have been presented with very few solutions. After a lot of thought I took the plunge and discovered how wrong I was about my previous misconceptions.
The Greens are in fact incredibly inclusive and although I don’t fit into the stereotype of a Green Party member, the truth is most people don’t. However, The Green Party are the only party who are united in a shared vision of the kind of country we could have in the long term. Another misconception I hear often is that we would have to give up modern day comforts if we are to combat climate change. The truth is quite different, adopting Green policies will make modern life less stressful for the masses whilst retaining the comforts of a modern life. Adopting an agenda of sustainability can only improve life for people living in poorer countries as well as our own and it is irresponsible to deny future generations the chance that we have to live on a clean planet without the use of fossil fuels and unsustainable products. It’s wonderful to think that a better world can be created whilst addressing the world's most pressing environmental problem. This is what motivates Greens in the face of such fierce opposition. We have the policies to make a real difference in people's everyday lives, now is the time to enact them.

I've got involved

I am the Vice Chair of the North Oxfordshire Green Party and assist the Chair in the overall running of the branch as well as chairing the occasional branch meeting if the Chair is unable to do so.   I also coordinate our activities in Bicester such as campaigning and meetings. If you are from Bicester and want to get involved I am the best person to contact.

Want to get involved too?  Contact Me on

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  • Tim Jenkins
    commented 2019-09-23 14:47:15 +0100
    Hello Robert, ringing the council is like trying to get a pig to fly, a total waste of time, when I have spoken to someone they say that someone will ring back but they never do, if I treated my customers like that I wouldn’t have a business. Could you please contact me either by phone or email. Regards Tim Jenkins
  • David Lyons
    commented 2019-03-09 10:20:43 +0000
    Robert please get in touch urgently: we have an invite to a school in Winslow re climate change emergency: can you help us?. You email address bounced.

    Many thanks

    David Lyons

    Aylesbury Vale Green Party

    Tel. 07799337024

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