Alma Tumilowicz, nominated for PPC for Witney

Born in Shrewsbury, I spent the early part of my life in Manchester, trained to teach in Hertfordshire then was based back in Manchester while working as a Film Editor around the UK—mainly for the BBC and ITV. While working on a documentary series called ‘Eco’ at Central TV in Birmingham (1986) I became interested and aware of environmental issues & started recycling. I was a mature student at Manchester University. I moved to West Oxfordshire in 1991 to raise a family. I worked as a supply teacher and a Home Tutor for Oxfordshire County Council. Last year, I obtained a TESOL certificate.

I voted Green for many years because I agree with the party’s holistic approach to society and the environment. I joined the Green Party in 2010 becoming an active member. I attend monthly meetings in Witney, with the West Oxon Greens branch, help with canvassing, delivering newsletters and monitoring on polling day. I have also stood as a paper candidate on several occasions.

I think the main concerns of a Witney MP should be:

  1. Flooding—especially in areas around the Rivers Thames and Windrush.
  2. Future planning proposals—ensuring there isn’t planning permission granted on flood plains or districts with insufficient local infrastructure to absorb a large influx of people.
  3. To ensure rural communities are not in danger of loosing public transport.
  4. To ensure pot holes are repaired as quickly and efficiently.
  5. To ensure rural schools infrastructure is in good condition and that there sufficient resources provided - especially computers and I.T.
  6. To help local community initiatives such as ‘food banks,’ ensuring they have the premises and facilities they need.
  7. Play an active role in supporting the Witney Oxford Transport which is working for better transport between Witney and Oxford.

Research now shows that a more equal society is a fairer and happier one. It is my belief that the only political party committed to this aim is the Green Party. If elected, I would work towards achieving this goal by implementing the ideas mentioned above.

Worked as a Film Editor around the UK, mainly for the BBC and ITV. Now works as a supply teacher and a Home Tutor for Oxfordshire County Council.