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Priscilla Waugh is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
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    Has nuclear power been dropped from the GP agenda? Can’t find anything on Larry Sanders’ website.

    Contact us

    Role Name Email Telephone
    Oxfordshire Green Party
    Twitter @greenoxford
    Oxfordshire Green Party Officers
    Co-Chairs Cheryl Briggs 07500 665207
    Chris Manley 01295 259377
    Treasurer Tim Eden  
    Secretary Mary Franklin  
    Elections Co-ordinator David Newman 01865 429750
    Deputy chair, Volunteers co-ordinator, Fundraising officer: vacant
    Key Organisers
    Local Party Manager, Stalls coordinator (p/t worker) Kate Robinson  
    Elections Co-ordinator (officer, p/t worker) David Newman 01865 429750
    Policy coordinator Dick Wolff  
    Website content Helen Gavin  
    Campaigns lead Chris Jarvis  
    Media contact Craig Simmons  07739 80304
    Green Fair organiser Bob Cowley  
    Elections Committee
    Permanent members
    Co-Chairs Matt Ledbury  
    Thomas Kiley  
      Tim Eden  
      Sue Tibbles  
      David Newman  
    Additional members Target team representatives    
    North Oxfordshire Branch
    Chair Robert Nixon  
    Treasurer David Chanter  
    Twitter @NorthOxonGreens
    West Oxfordshire branch
    Chair Andy Wright  
    Treasurer Alma Tumilowicz  
    Membership secretary Celia Kerslake  
    Web site
    Twitter @westoxongreens
    Abingdon branch
    Chair Cheryl Briggs  
    Treasurer Julie Scott  
    Secretary Mike Ellwood  
      Halima Brewer  
    Twitter @abingdongreens
    Oxford East branch
    Chair David Williams  
    Treasurer Vacant    
    Minutes secretary Alison Williams  
    Diversity adviser Catherin Gundry    
    Student/Young Green Liaison Peter Whitfield  
    Social media advisers Kate Robinson    
    Rosie Rawle    
    Oxford North branch
    Co-chair Romilly Gregory  
    C-chair Sarah Edwards  
    Treasurer Jane Roberts  
    Local Groups
    South Oxfordshire Group
    Contact Robin Bennett  
    Wantage Group
    Contact Viral Patel  
    Twitter @WantageGreens
    Young Greens
    Twitter @YoungGreenParty
    SE Young Greens contact: Rosie Rawle  
    Oxford Young Greens
    Oxford University Student Greens  
    Other student greens contact: Kate Robinson  

    Or contact one of our councillors


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