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Priscilla Waugh is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
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    Has nuclear power been dropped from the GP agenda? Can’t find anything on Larry Sanders’ website.

    Contact us

    Role Name Email Telephone
    Oxfordshire Green Party
    Twitter @greenoxford
    Oxfordshire Green Party Officers
    Chair Kate Robinson  
    Deputy Chair Robin Bennett    
    Treasurer Tim Eden  
    Secretary Mary Franklin  
    Elections Co-ordinator David Newman 01865 429750
    Volunteers Co-ordinator Jane Roberts  
    Young Greens Rosie Rawle  
    Fundraising officer: vacant
    Key Organisers
    Local Party Manager (p/t worker) Vacant    
    Elections Co-ordinator (officer, p/t worker) David Newman 01865 429750
    Website content Helen Gavin  
    Campaigns lead      
    Media contact Craig Simmons 07739 80304
    Green Fair organiser Bob Cowley  
    Elections Committee
    Permanent members
    Co-Chairs Matt Ledbury  
    Thomas Kiley  
      Tim Eden  
      Sue Tibbles  
      David Newman  
      Cheryl Briggs  
    Additional members Target team representatives    
    North Oxfordshire Branch
    Chair Robert Nixon 07557 023792
    Treasurer David Chanter  
    Twitter @NorthOxonGreens
    West Oxfordshire branch
    Chair Matthew Parkinson  
    Treasurer Alma Tumilowicz  
    Membership secretary Celia Kerslake  
    Web site
    Twitter @westoxongreens
    Abingdon branch
    Chair Cheryl Briggs  
    Treasurer Julie Scott  
    Secretary Mike Ellwood  
      Halima Brewer  
    Twitter @abingdongreens
    Oxford East branch
    Chair David Williams  
    Treasurer Bob Waugh    
    Minutes secretary Alison Williams  
    Diversity adviser Catherine Gundry    
    Student/Young Green Liaison Peter Whitfield  
    Social media advisers Kate Robinson    
    Rosie Rawle    
    Oxford North branch
    Co-chair Romilly Gregory  
    C-chair Sarah Edwards  
    Treasurer Jane Roberts  
    Local Groups
    South Oxfordshire Group
    Contact Robin Bennett  
    Wantage Group
    Contact Viral Patel  
    Twitter @WantageGreens
    Young Greens
    Twitter @YoungGreenParty
    SE Young Greens contact: Rosie Rawle  
    Oxford Young Greens
    Oxford University Student Greens  
    Other student greens contact: Kate Robinson  

    Or contact one of our councillors


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