Pledge support for people and planet in 2014

Oxfordshire Green Party have got into the seasonal spirit and are helpfully suggesting 5 New Year Pledges that could benefit the quality of life in Oxford in 2014.

In 2014, why not pledge to:

    1. Reduce the number of car journeys by walking, cycling and using public transport

      Air pollution in Oxfordshire is worse than the average and Oxford City Council is failing to meet its air quality targets with pollution rising in the City Centre [1]

    2. Make efforts to reduce your household waste; try and increase the amount you reuse and recycle.

      Oxford City Council decided to reduce its 2012/13 recycling target from 50% to 44% in September 2013 following its poor performance [2]

    3. Implement at least one major energy saving measure with the aim of reducing your energy bill and carbon footprint.

      For example, add reflectors behind your radiators, draught-proof your windows, replace old appliances with more energy efficient alternatives. Following several years of improvement the City Council’s own carbon footprint increased last year [3].

    4. Get involved in a local social or environmental community project

      Many groups are suffering from cuts in Government or Council grants and would welcome additional volunteers. Particularly badly affected as those services where demand is also increasing due to the economic crisis. For example, food banks and homelessness services.

    5. Think of an idea to improve your local area and tell your local Councillors

      Although the City Council’s area committees were stripped of their powers and funding in 2012, individual Councillors still have relatively small ‘Members grants’ which can help deliver local improvements.


  1. Department of Health data released in November 2013 shows that over 5% of deaths of people over 30 in South East England were attributable to airborne particles in 2011 with Oxfordshire ranked at 5.5%.
  2. Pages 323 to 325 of this report to CEB explains the reduction in Oxford’s recycling target from 50% to 44%.
  3. The City Council’s own carbon emissions increased last year. See Figure 1 of this report.

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