Plans for Zero Emission Zone in Oxford move ahead in the journey to zero emissions

Greens give cautious welcome to revised zero emission plans but say that the devil is in the detail. 
"The proposals are a watered-down version of those presented in 2017 and there is a lot of detail that is still missing. Perhaps most disappointingly, the 'zero emission zone' has become a low emission zone. Private cars are unlikely to be restricted at all in the wider 'green zone' before 2025 and even then - as it currently stands - cars emitting up to 75gCO2 per kilometre will be permitted. This is twice the emissions of today's typical plug-in hybrid car.  There are some good measures as well, such as the move to EURO6 buses, but there is a lot of detail still to be decided. As always, the devil is in the detail."
Cllr Craig Simmons 0773 980 3047

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