Pete Sudbury for county

Pete Sudbury for Wallingford

Pete Sudbury


Retired Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director. Qualifications in Natural Sciences, Medicine, Psychiatry and MBA. I became a psychiatrist because I am interested in human beings, how they think, work, collaborate and form effective groups.

Long-term supporter of environmental causes and charities, seriously concerned about Climate since mid ‘90s. Have reduced personal carbon footprint to less than half UK average.

Elected as county councillor for Wallingford in the 2019 by-election.

Why I am standing

I come from a family with a history of public service and volunteering. There is a climate and ecological emergency. I believe that those of us who are able to should step up to the plate and do whatever we can to mitigate and where possible reverse the damage (most of which has been done by my generation and the one before it). I have three children, now 10,8,5 and I want them to have a safe and healthy future.

I love Wallingford, as my local market town. I have enjoyed working with the town council and all three PCs. I am involved with very exciting local developments or campaigns around mitigating climate change across Wallingford, promoting tree planting across Wallingford and preventing an excessive cull of trees in Brightwell, promoting cycling and walking, especially round Long Wittenham which has an exciting strategic vision, reopening the Wallingford-to-Cholsey railway, reducing speed limits and creating safer streets, including through pedestrianisation or other traffic reduction, stopping illegal parking. I thoroughly enjoy interactions with members of the public, and 30 years of developing interview skills does help to understand the frame of reference from which individuals view to world.

How I will campaign

Campaigning has been hampered by Covid and (esp) schools closure. I have been working hard to build relationships with my local Parish, Town and District council(s). I am aware that I was elected with enthusiastic support from the Lib Dems, and have worked closely with them at the County, gaining a good reputation and influencing their policy direction. I have campaigned on behalf of individuals who have sought my help to build a personal reputation. I am establishing an online profile and picking up local issues on which to campaign. I will deliver a leaflet or personal letter in the autumn and a further one before Christmas.

After that, we will follow the playbook we used prior to my by-election, but over 5 months rather than 5 weeks. I intend to knock on every door in my patch at least once and set my appeal across the political spectrum by campaigning for the common good, and framing climate action as a non-political joint endeavour in which all of us can play our part.

Skills and time commitment

I am well versed in how Government and public service work. I’m energetic, honest, driven by a strong belief in the value of public service. I am articulate and very well-versed in making connections with, and understanding people’s points of view. I enjoy face-to-face interactions, as well as online ones, so whatever the state of lockdown, I will be able to operate fluently.

I usually spend 2-3 days a week on Councillor stuff, more around Council meetings.

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