Oxfordshire Green Party

Andy Wright, candidate for Minster Lovell

Andy has recently moved to Leafield, a journey which took him via Somerset, Africa, Henley, South Cheshire and London; to name but a few of the places where he has lived. He is married with three children and two grandchildren; which keeps him very busy. Andy's career was spent in Sales and Marketing with high tech companies over a 30 year period; including DEC and Microsoft. He retired a few years ago to go travelling, which included spending time in Africa as a teacher, travelling around S. America and exploring China. He now spends his time restoring his house, gardening, playing golf and campaigning for the Green Party.

“I believe that the two major issues which will affect ALL of us over the next few years are Climate Change and Equality. This is totally aligned with the Green party policies, so it was obvious I should support them.”

Andy Wright